Frequently Asked Questions


At the moment we offer only USPS for the discounted shipping price of $5.95. In the future we will add more shipping options for UPS & FedEx at an additional cost.

We charge a flat rate of $5.95 per order. This is subject to change at any time. Prices will be shown upon checkout.

We will package and ship the order within 1 business day. After that USPS should deliver the package within 3-5 days.

Your package may include a tracking number, in most cases it will be emailed to you within 48hrs. If you do not receive one, email us!

You have 30 days to return a unused, unopened product. If there is a order mistake or you would like to make a return email us.

Ship it to our address with the receipt  and we will refund 100% of the product cost  and shipping.


Credit Card/ Debit Card Purchases: These charges usually show up immediately but can sometimes differ depending on banks or cards used.

Paypal ACH Transfers: These bank transfers can sometimes take 3-4days to complete. We Recommend  using a credit or debit card.

Pay By Check: We do offer payment by check!

  1. When paying by check you can ship the check to our address listed.
  2. After that we will deposit it, funds should clear within 3-5 days,
  3. We ship right after the payment clears.

Other payment method: Other payment methods can be arranged for Western Union, Cashier’s Check, Venmo, Square, Zelle Bank Transfers & we will accept many other forms of payment!

If you catch us before the order is shipped out you can cancel or change your order. No problem, just email us.

A Wishlist is a place to save all the products you may want to purchase at a later date. You can add items to the Wishlist by clicking the Heart icon on or near the product image.

You can review the Wishlist by clicking the Heart icon located near the Cart icon.

In this age of the internet, users can easily google the supplement ingredients to find out more. At a later date we will be releasing quick educational resources found on our blog.

Usually out of stock items are restocked in 1 week or less, in some cases 2 weeks. Discontinued items will be removed.